InfoBeans Innovation Day 2019: Creating Innovation and WOW Together

We are extremely delighted to share with you that we had successfully organized our maiden technology conference – InfoBeans Innovation Day 2019 on 9th March 2019 at our headquarters, IT park, Indore.

At InfoBeans, we believe in creating WOW in whatever we do. WOW is not just a word for us, it’s a part of our culture. Innovation Day 2019 is a reflection of our culture that carries innovation and collaboration as the integral values in its DNA.

We were overwhelmed to see the response of the attendees at the conference as our audience included guests from the US who judged the innovation contest, members from the investor community, brilliant minds from the student community and last but not the least InfoBeans team members from Indore and Pune.

The Keynote Session

Our President and co-founder, Mitesh Bohra delivered the keynote speech soon after the event introductions. He shared his views about the endless possibilities of innovation and progressing technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT and Automation.

The keynote address was followed by presentations and interactive demonstrations at the booths led … Read More

InfoBeans Innovation Day 2019: Diving Deeper in Robotic Process Automation

Note: This post is a part of our series InfoBeans Innovation Day 2019. You can learn about how it all started in our first post here.

While our first technology conference- InfoBeans Innovation Day 2019 turned out to be amazing for all the attendees, we’d like you to be a part of it too. In case you missed the session, we’ve got you covered. With this post, we will share insights about Robotic Process Automation represented by our RPA team at the conference.

The first presentation at the InfoBeans Innovation Conference 2019 was conducted by our RPA (Robotic Processing Automation) team. Leading the session, Prankur Joshi  shared that the three most important factors in current times are efficiency, precision and speed are crucial. When combined together and utilized properly, all three of these can help us increase our overall business potential while saving valuable time.

Employees in large organizations and enterprises often encounter certain processes that are made up of repetitive tasks. In order to complete these tasks, a lot of resources, as well as time, gets consumed. Robotic … Read More

InfoBeans Innovation Day 2019: The New Technology of Trust

Note: This post is a part of our series InfoBeans Innovation Day 2019. You can learn about how it all started in our first post here.

While our first technology conference, InfoBeans Innovation Day 2019, turned out to be amazing for all the attendees, we’d like you to be a part of it too. In case you missed the session, we’ve got you covered. With this post, we will share insights about Blockchain Technology presented by our Blockchain R&D Team at the conference.

Akhilesh Bhale, Project Manager at InfoBeans, started the session by explaining the prowess of Blockchain- A revolutionizing and trustless technology.  Other members of our blockchain team included Deepesh Bhatia, Ajita Pancholi, Shubham Kotiya, Dharmendra Baghel.

“When the trust account is high, communication is easy, instant, and effective.” -Stephen R. Covey

When trust and technology work hand in hand, there’s no way to stop the revolution ahead. Imagine a world where trust is not a barrier to any of our problems. Blockchain can help us bring that world to reality as it is recognized as the technology … Read More

Culturally Inclined – The Story of Implementing a New Company Culture

“Change is easy to propose, hard to implement and especially hard to sustain” – Andy Hargreaves

Change is never easy but is essential in order to move forward. Only when we have the capacity to change can we expect a revolution in our lives. This is even more relevant in the world that we live today. To not change is almost like a death sentence. So, as a forward-thinking organization, we need to constantly be in a process of evaluation and re-evaluation to see what needs change. How can we improve? Can we do something better? However, talking about change is easy. And since we are creatures of habit, executing change can be the hard part.

In my previous blog, I wrote about how we decoded our company culture so that it became an enabler of success. This exercise was very intense and comprehensive. After careful assessment and deep calibrations, we were able to identify the four pillars of our company culture that would be the guiding principles of the way we conducted ourselves and our business. … Read More

Culturally Inclined – The Story of Decoding Our Company Culture

“Make something that people want…including making a company that people want to work for” – Sahil Lavingia, CEO, Gumroad

Today’s competitive business landscape is evolving at a speed of light…what was relevant soon becomes redundant. With work and our everyday lives becoming inextricably linked and intertwined, it becomes essential to work towards achieving an equilibrium that helps us balance these two worlds better. In the years that I spent at InfoBeans the one thing that remained constant was the constant focus on the company culture. We articulated the personality of our company through our culture right when it was a fledgling. As the little fledgling grew, we decoded and fleshed out this culture so that it would find its place in today’s intense corporate environment without compromising on the quality of life and the quality of work.

Our story was like the story of any other startup. We worked hard, pushed our boundaries and saw our share of struggles that go into establishing a startup. What we did have was a great set of … Read More

Did ANSI’s WSW2017 Turn a Page for SDOs?

I just returned from Washington, DC where, along with colleagues from work and about 1500 other people, I attended ANSI’s World Standards Week (WSW2017). Maybe it was the long flight home, but it took a couple of days for the fog of jet-lag cleared and the realization emerged that I might have witnessed SDO History in the making.

As in previous editions of this important and influential gathering of Standards Developing Organizations, this year’s event was billed as an opportunity for open and inspirational presentations and extensive dialog about interests, trends, and challenges confronting professionals in the standardization and conformity assessment community. With excitement, I looked forward to a chance to join enlightened minds in the discussion “all-things-SDO”. In that regard, for me, the week turned out to be a full success: The place was abuzz with thought leadership offered by world-prominent contributors, as well as the business and technical leaders of a large number of inspection companies, departmental and agency officials, government and regulatory bodies, academia, industry at large, as well as many of the … Read More

InfoBeans @ World Standards Week

InfoBeans is a diamond sponsor for the upcoming World Standards Week, event organized by ANSI in Washington DC. American National Standards Institute (ANSI) empowers its members and constituents to strengthen the U.S. marketplace position in the global economy while helping to assure the safety and health of consumers and protection of environment. This 4-day event is set to witness presence of approx. 1500 various subject matter experts across industries.

Standards developing organizations including various govt agencies, professional associations, national and international bodies are abiding by a set of law to promote safety and ensure quality. Standards developing organizations over the period have perceived that digitization is an important aspect to thrive in the market and receive competitive edge. InfoBeans has been working with SDOs to help them achieve digital transformation. 

Going digital with complex data and structure is difficult, as implementation and adoption of new technology take time and efforts, but with a right technology partner, you can make your digitization journey fast and easy.

Data conversion is one of InfoBeans key offering to convert massive volume of data into various … Read More

ServiceNow’s Knowledge17: Overwhelming Response

Knowledge17, ServiceNow’s grand annual event, took place this year in Orlando, Florida, and was a big success. The event received an attendance of approximately 15000 ServiceNow customers and partners. The conference comprised of impeccable presentations and speaker sessions given by C-level VPs and IT practitioners from the tech giants across the globe. The release of “Jakarta” became a vivid aspect of this IT conclave. We also explored some new avenues of ServiceNow with Machine Learning and Data Security. Some key highlights with respect to ServiceNow and Machine Learning:

ServiceNow is rolling out a machine learning engine that’s designed to predict outages, automate routing and workflow, predict outcomes, and benchmark performance.

ServiceNow said that it will use the Intelligent Automation Engine across the platform and in cloud services for customer service, security, and human resources as well as IT.

InfoBeans, being a technology partner of ServiceNow, was among one of the top companies who earned the “NOW” certified logo because of certified custom apps on the ServiceNow store, ServiceNow capabilities, and Solution offerings. We received a good amount of traction at the conference and had significant high-level … Read More

InfoBeans Recognized as “Dream Companies To Work For – 2017”

After being conferred as a great place to work for two consecutive years, InfoBeans is glad to share another achievement to be recognized as “Dream Companies To Work For” at the silver jubilee ceremony of World HRD Congress.

InfoBeans participated in a rigorous selection procedure competing with 750 Global organizations across various industries and is honored with as “Dream Companies To Work For 2017” in IT Sector and ranked 42nd on the list.

The World HRD Congress Awards, held at Taj Lands End, Mumbai, on February 16, 2017, celebrated its silver jubilee ceremony this year, which recognizes the efforts of organizations demonstrating excellence through their innovative programs and showing measurable business results to drive organizational excellence.

All nominations go through a rigorous four step process from receiving the entries to the final rankings.At first step, the evaluation is done by academic councils who accepts or reject the entries. In the second phase, the entries pass through a thorough evaluation by the executive council.The committee members are from HR Fraternity and senior leaders in the industry. In the next step, … Read More

InfoBeans stands among the “Best IT Companies to Work at” in India, yet again!

We started out with a dream to create an absolute best place to work at, and being recognized by an international body like Great Place to Work® Institute inspires us to do even more!

About Great Place to Work® Institute

Great Place to Work® is the global authority on building, sustaining, and recognizing high-trust, high-performing workplace cultures and through their special assessment tools and standard benchmarks they recognize organizations for their efforts in building applaudable workplace culture. InfoBeans stood out for its open culture, emphasis on work-life balance and an environment of trust and credibility.

About the Assessment

More than 7000 organizations across over 50 countries undergo the Great Place To Work® assessment every year. This assessment is majorly based on an employee survey conducted anonymously. The institute evaluates organizations on their Fairness, Credibility, Pride, Camaraderie and Respect, and derives a “trust index”. We bagged this award with a trust index of 82% (highest being 88%).

InfoBeans “Great Place to Work” achievement

Our team is our only asset, and we completely attribute being a “Great Place To Work” … Read More


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